BITE studios Pre~Fall 2020 Collection

Magdalena Abakanowicz was the starting inspiration for this collection, Taking the tones and textures from her sculptures to inform the prints, colouring and textiles. Pina Baush acted as the central muse to the collection, observing the oversized black tailoring she wore, and also some of the spirit of the dresses worn in her performances.

CD | Design

The Collection

Each piece is designed in the London Atelier, Hand crafted and rigorously tailored in Portugal to ensure the perfect fit. I research the materials used meticulously to find the finest quality natural organic fibres, recycled and low-impact fabrics complete with environmental and social certifications. Creating pieces built to last, I aim to fuse craft with innovation to create modern and wearable collections.


Suzanne Elvi


Martin Persson


Regina Tornwall


Galleri Andersson Sandstrom

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